Our Story
Our story begins with River Veda's founder, Megan Douglas. Part of a family of herbalists stretching back six generations, Megan has always been interested in natural health, learning at an early age to make remedies under the guidance and tutelage of her herbalist grandmother, Jennie. As a student, she also worked during school holidays at what was then her family's health supplies business, Red Seal, helping out in the manufacturing lab. Later, after a career in London as a fashion designer, Megan renewed her interest in natural health and wellbeing, traveling to India where she learnt much about the Vedas, yoga and Ayurvedic beliefs and medical practice. She then returned to New Zealand, where she supplemented the knowledge gained in India by completing a degree in Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy.
In 2005, Megan embarked on the development of her vision, determined to create an affordable, yet highly therapeutic organic skincare range which combined the wisdom of ancient herbal knowledge with the very best in modern manufacturing and technology. In addition, she committed herself to designing a skincare line that not only looked and felt great, but which was good for people and the world around them. A key component in achieving this aim was to ensure that each product in her new line was certified organic by Ecocert and was manufactured in accordance with strict environmental and ethical practices. Partnerships with fair trade farms in India were forged to meet this requirement and also allowed Megan to select the highest quality herbs for her skincare range.
Thus, it was out of Megan’s desire to stay true to her roots and create an ethically produced, premium organic skincare range that River Veda was born. Packed with the goodness and vitality of organic cold pressed oils and supercritical herbs, the River Veda range is a highly therapeutic skincare line which is the sum of Megan’s past and all that she has learnt.
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River Veda's founder is Megan Douglas. Megan's passion for herbs and natural skin care was instilled as a child by her grandmother, herbalist Jennie Douglas and inspired by a long family lineage of herbalists and healers. Growing up in New Zealand, Megan spent many of her holiday hours working in the family's herbal manufacturing laboratory...
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